Our Business Model

Our Business Model


EvenForex is like no typical Forex broker. We have a strict ‘no dealing desk’. Our strong business ethics determine the perfect business growth strategy for our customers and us. We have a business plan that takes into account various market and analysis report to shape a business model known for making trading profitable to customers. Our business model is based on and utilizes ECN (Electronics Communication Network), where our client orders are sent to premier banks and qualified financial institutions, eliminating the possibility for any spread manipulation or any conflict of interest.

We offer ECN broking services where the electronic communications network is used to render our clients direct access to the currency markets and perform easy FOREX trade. Our ECN (Electronics Communication Network) business model is extremely user friendly. It gives traders access to the Interbank market. In this business model, the counterparty to the trade is another market participant like fund trader, bank, financial organisation or another trader. At EvenForex clients get immediate error free execution and committed liquidity from reputed financial institutions.

At EvenForex having multiple liquidity providers is one of the fundamental service presenter to clients. We have built strong relationships with different financial institutions over time. This has benefited our customers from competitive Forex spreads, volatile markets and new releases. Our ECN (Electronics Communication Network) trading business model is preferred for new and experienced traders and for those who prefer scalping/ hedging as their primary trading strategy.

Our ECN (Electronics Communication Network) model facilitates:

  • Users enjoying equal rights during order execution,
  • Benefit from transactions taking place in a completely transparent environment,

Our client benefits from the best match and make informed decisions of trade. This customer centric approach ensures making trading profitable to customers. Our clients get a direct access to the same liquid trades without any delay. EvenForex does not take the other side of client trades like other Dealing Desk brokers. We have no cases on conflict of interest with our clients. “It is our utmost belief that keeping our traders happy is the only path to development”. Therefore, we do everything in our power and knowledge to ensure that this target is always achieved.

At EvenForex, we automatically scan all the Bid/Ask prices that enter our systems and display the best price combinations on offer from various liquidity providers. Such a system of trade guarantees that you benefit from the best match of Bid/Ask prices available on the FOREX trading system. EvenForex do not take the other side of trading like different dealing desk brokers. We maintain strong business ethics and do not trade against client orders, limits or stops. All client trades are executed back to back and directly with counterparties in the pool of liquidity providers.

The ECN (Electronics Communication Network) business model allows our clients to execute effortless and immediate large volume orders. The ECN (Electronics Communication Network) model uses the modern approach of aggregating liquidity in the Forex industry. The new technology aids us to offer market participants with

  • ECN liquidity
  • Market depth display
  • Tight spreads
  • Error free execution

All trades remain anonymous and the liquidity providers see orders coming only from the EvenForex system. Here we guarantee no spread widening and no stop hunting. With us there is no risk for fund hedge, hence there is no need to trade against the will and instructions of the clients. Competitive Forex spreads and transparent pricing are the sides of EvenForex Electronics Communication Network (ECN) business model. As a trader you only benefit here and get to transact through the most up to date trading platform.