Market Update-Even-Forex 24th July Friday

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EUR/USD Today Trend Bearish:


The EUR/USD pair keeps its stability below 1.0990 level, as the price attempted to breach this level yesterday, noticing that stochastic returns to offer negative signals on the four hours’ time frame, to support the chances of resuming the expected bearish trend, which its targets begin at 1.0880 followed by 1.0740.

Were mind you that breaching 1.0990 level will stop the suggested decline and lead the price towards 1.1100 directly.


Expected trading range for today is:

S3.   : 1.0830 1.S2 :  1.0877   S1 : 1.0926   R1 :  1.1021  R2  :  1.1068   R3   :  1.1117


USDJPY Today Trend Bullish:

The USD/JPY pair continues to fluctuate between the EMA50 and the key resistance 124.20, and we are still waiting to breach this resistance to support the continuation of our bullish trend expectations on the intra day and short term basis, which still valid and active as long as 123.20 level remains intact.


Therefore,we will keep our positive overview for the upcoming period, and the targets begin at 125.84 and extend to 127.00, noting that breaking 123.20 level might push the price to visit 122.35 followed by 121.50 levels before any new attempt to rise.


Expected trading range for today is between:

S3 :   123.21    S2 : 123.46   S1 :  123.68    R1  :  124.15    R2  :  124.40   R3 : 124.62    


GBP/USD Today Trend Neutral:


The GBP/USD pair traded with clear negativity yesterday to break 1.5555 level and approach from 1.5470, as the price was affected by stochastic negativity that gains clear positive momentum now, which might push trading to show some bullish bias in the upcoming sessions.


In general,our neutrality still valid until now as long as the price is confined between the trend confirmation levels represented by 1.5360 support and 1.5750 resistance,


Expected trading range for today is:


S3  :   1.5285    S2 :  1.5393    S1  :  1.5454    R1 : 1.5623   R2  :  1.5731    R3 :   1.5792


NZD/USD Today Trend Bearish:


The NZD/USD pair trades with clear negativity to move below 0.6600 level again,reinforcing the expectations of continuing the overall bearish trend, which is organized inside the bearish channel shown on image, waiting to test 0.6395 level initially.


Were mind you that breaking the mentioned level will extend the bearish wave to reach 0.6095 areas as a next main station, while the bearish trend will ream invalid and active unless breaching 0.6820 level and holding above it.


Expected trading range for today is:


S3  :  0.6395    S2 :  0.6478    S1 :   0.6529   R1  :  0.6663   R2   :   0.6746   R3  ;  6797


AUD/USD Today Trend Bearish:


The AUD/USD pair opened today’s trading with strong bearish bias that pushed the price to break 0.7300 level, as the price attempts to settle below this level now, which supports the continuation of our bearish overview efficiently for the upcoming period, which its next main target is located at 0.7100.


The EMA50 continues to support the suggested bearish wave, which its continuation conditions holding below 0.7495 and the most important below 0.7560 levels.


Expected trading range for today is:


S3  :   0.7086   S2 ;   0.7176    S1 :  0.7234       R1 : 0.7382     R2  ;  0.7472   R3 :  0.7530


GOLD Today Trend Bearish:

GOLD  24

Gold price opens today’s trading with clear bearish bias in attempt to break 1080.00 barrier, reinforcing the expectations to continue the bearish trend on then intra day and short term basis, which gets a continuous support from the EMA50, reminding you that the next main target is located at 1055.00.


Expected trading range for today is.


S3  :   1043.28   S2 :   1060.20      S1  :   1071.95    R1 :  1100.62   R2 :   1117.54   R3  :1129.29


CRUDE OIL Today Trend Bearish:


Crude oil price settles at the key support 48.40, which represents 76.4% Fibonacci level for the bullish wave that appears on image, noticing that the price moves inside the bearish channel that appears on chart, besides that the EMA50 continues to push negatively on the intra day and short term trading, which supports the chances of breaking the mentioned support followed by extending the bearish wave in the upcoming period.


Expected Trading range for today is:


S3  :   46.66   S2   :47.43   S1  : 48.07     R1:  49.48     R2  :   50.25    R3  :   50.89

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