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EvenForex MAM
EvenForex MAM is a new launch at EvenForex Online Trading Platform. The MAM is intended for simultaneous management of multiple accounts,and very helpful for those whom manage investors’ accounts and for traders working with many accounts simultaneously.

MAM – short for Multi Account Management– is a service that allows managers to get paid for managing trades of others.


How does Multi Account Management accounts work?

Manager opens a MAM-Manager account. After that manager creates a proposal for the potential Investors where terms of cooperation are defined including the amount of remuneration investors will be charged – profit fee and volume fee.

Investor opens a Individual account and connects to a manager. By doing that investor puts this account under the control of the manager trusting manager to perform trades with his funds.

Manager trades on financial market using all investors’ accounts connected to him. All the profits are divided among investors according to their shares in combined account. Investor pays manager a compensation for using the service.

With EvenForex MAM you can manage multiple accounts from one screen, place your orders and take your profit with one click.

Benefits of MAM

  • In the MAM system all the deposits are combined under one managers account, i.e. sum of the investors deposits is equal to the deposit on managers account.
  • The profit it divided among investors according to their shares in the combined managers account
  • Manager may create and connect his own investor’s account and profit not only from compensations but also from trading itself.
  • During account opening manager defines cooperation terms including amount of compensation investors will be charged
  • Successful trading may attract unlimited number or investors that will increase commissions charged from investors
  • All managers remunerations are calculated on automated basis and transferred to non-trading Control account that is opened together with managers account.

Key Features

Orders, positions, equity and exposure online management.
Live monitor for prices of financial instruments.
Activity Reports
Manage up to 120 users.
Perform trade operations based on predefined order allocations
Control and handle open positions and pending orders
Execute multiple order types, including Market Order, Pending Order and Take Profit

Who Can Apply for the EvenForex MultiTerminal Software?
Fund Managers
Asset Managers
Multiple Account Holders

To become a manager you should choose the Managers accounts section in Trade Room and navigate to MAМ-Manager account opening. You will be asked to fill a short registration form.

Key features:

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