AML Policy

As an international Forex (Fx) broker providing financial services, EVENFOREX is obliged to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. EVENFOREX complies with the international Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations, and maintains a strong and aggressive stance to prevent illicit money laundering activities. Our stringent policies and procedures were implemented to detect, prevent and report Money Laundering and any other suspicious activities.

Preventing money laundering is a major responsibility and aim of regulatory authorities worldwide. Money laundering allows movement of funds from criminal activities and makes funds available for terrorist activities. At EVENFOREX, we are committed to preventing any money laundering activities through our services and as such comply with regulatory requirements such as:

  • Identifying our clients
  • An original certified copy of your ID or passport.
  • Identifying, monitoring and reporting any kind of suspicious transactions.
  • Maintaining transaction records for minimum years after termination of the Agreement with our client.
  • Training our staff to recognize suspicious transactions and to fullfill all reporting obligations.

Depending on client location, EVENFOREX may report any suspicious activities to authorities in several countries.

On the EVENFOREX Customer Agreement, you will be required to clearly indicate the beneficiary name – the account beneficiary must match the name on your customer agreement form. Any funds you wish to withdraw must be to the same account number and beneficiary name.

How is Money Laundering Defined?

When criminals attempt to relocate their illicit funds by transferring them to a lawful financial system without arousing any legal attention, this constitutes Money Laundering.

Once a criminal or terrorist person(s) transfers their funds into legitimate financial systems, they can then transfer them between banks or financial products to use in illegal activities, purchase goods and services, or even fund terrorism.

EVENFOREX will report any attempt by an individual or business to conceal the origin and ownership of the proceeds of illegal activities, including fraud, theft, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and other activities.

Do I Need to Prove My Identity Before Opening a Forex Trading Account?

To prevent Money Laundering, EVENFOREX requests that all of our customers provide supporting documentation for proof of identity and the origin of their funds before trading forex with us. We place great emphasis on verifying the identity of our customers and determining that their funds are derived from a legal origin before opening an fx trading account or making a deposit. As part of this policy, you will be required to provide legal documentation to verify your name, personal details and location.

EVENFOREX reserves the right to collect and validate proof of identification from clients prior to account opening and any payments of proceeds. To see our identification requirements please view our Account Opening Form or compliance guide .Clients should assume all information provided to EVENFOREX is available to regulatory authorities in both the country of origin of the funds, and the destination country of the funds. EVENFOREX reserves the right to refuse to process a transfer at any stage if it believes it to be connected in any way to criminal activity or money laundering.